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Boxing and Martial Arts

Do you need to get that extra bit of aggression out of your system?
Do you need to punch, kick, and even scream in order to work the stress off?

Then let our experienced trainers guide you in the ultimate stress release methods.

• Boxing: Take out your frustration and tension in the style of a true Fighter. Summon up your reserves of strength and feel the force of your powers of combat. Jabs, uppercuts, left and right hooks are the main items on the menu.

Sessions will be based around pad work unless you fancy a little light sparring with one of our tough blokes !

Not for the faint hearted or those with cardiovascular problems.

• Kung-fu : Bring out you the "Warrior-buddha" in you with this ancient sequence of martial art moves. You will feel not only centered and at peace with yourself but also develop confidence and self-respect.

• Kick-boxing : Utilising legs rather than fists you will be taught how to unleash back kicks, side kicks, revolving kicks and if our instructors think you are up for it-flying kicks ! You'll feel happier than when your team last won the FA cup!

• Khai Bo : This is the funky version of martial arts:-a stylised choreography of kicks and punches to music that gives a non-stop cardio workout and develops intense strength in the legs. A great group activity and team building exercise.

All of these classes are available as one-to-one sessions or in small groups.

Fancy a go?

Please call 020 8960 8214 or e-mail to book or to discuss your requirements