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The Healthy Body Healthy Mind Day:


This day focuses on the health and wellbeing of employees. They will learn stress-busting exercise and relaxation techniques as well as important information about their diet and body. It is all very well sustaining the health of one’s company, however, if the workforce are lacking in vitality then their efforts will be below par.

Sample Itinerary:

09.30 -


11.15 -


14.00 -


16.00 -


Description of events:

1) Pilates

Pilates is an increasingly popular exercise discipline, targeting deep postural muscles with long-term results. It is especially recommended for those with back problems. Pilates works by strengthening the body from inside out, rebalancing the musculature and bringing it into correct alignment. It also has tremendous benefits on breathing, relaxation, overall well being and stress management.

2) Nutrition Seminar

What we eat affects our performance and productivity. Feeling sluggish or poorly motivated? Learn about..

  • The basic ingredients of a healthy diet.
  • Realistic hints and tips on how to incorporate healthy eating easily into busy, modern-day lives, including menus and recipes.
  • Advice on the best ways to cope with the effects of stress.

The style is interactive and there will be at least one activity for the group to perform during the session (i.e. some kind of diet analysis chart, or such like). Participants are also encouraged to ask questions as we go along.

Delegates will also be given expert advice on how to take personal responsibility for their nutritional health and gain insight into why they might not be feeling at their optimum states of being.

3) Reflexology Class

Reflexology is the art of pressure point foot massage. The feet are a doorway into all the nerve endings that run through your whole body. When massaged, reflex zones in the feet trigger release in corresponding organs and glands in the rest of the body. Participants will be split into pairs and taught a basic reflexology massage sequence that they will practice on each other.

4) Yoga Class

(See The Yoga Day for optional modules )

Outcomes of the day:

  • Awareness of the importance of physical health

  • Vitality, strength, stamina and flexibility

  • Awareness of the mind-body link

  • Improved concentration and focus

  • Release of stress

  • Mutual support, interaction and teamwork

  • Improved productivity

  • Less reliance on stimulants

  • Improved circulation

  • Relaxation of the cardiovascular system

  • Less sick days

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