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Smoking cessation seminars:

In an age of increasing awareness of the dangers of smoking and secondary smoking, many employers wish to help their employees stop altogether.

For those individuals interested in doing so, our smoking cessation seminars offer an ideal support base. The process comprises a pre seminar questionnaire to identify key causes of the smoking habits, a 90 minute seminar as well as follow up workshops to help people cope with the change.

Details of the seminar are as follows:

Smoking Cessation Pre-Programme Talk

A presentation which aims to prepare smokers to stop smoking by increasing their motivation and self-belief.

Topics include:

  • Health issues Smoking tobacco causes more deaths than road accidents, AIDS, drug abuse, suicides and alcohol put together
  • Good news: the body is self healing age comes into it, as does the number of cigarettes per day and the length of time. However, the body starts repairing itself 20 minutes after the last cigarette
  • 3 Pointers to Success: the Belief System, Motivation and Commitment
  • Smokers are not ‘giving up’: cigarettes the term implies sacrifice; smokers are gaining a great deal in terms of reduced risk to health, money, social approval.
  • Objections to quitting: Participants will be given the opportunity to voice their objections.

Explanation of the procedure
The process of smoking cessation will be explained: in essence, installing relaxation in order to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind to reach the subconscious which is receptive to positive and beneficial suggestions.

The procedure will take 45 minutes

Once relaxation is achieved, smoking cessation suggestions will be delivered which may include some imagery, mental rehearsal of freedom and happiness as a non-smoker, and so on.

Afterwards, participants will feel alert and refreshed ready to continue their working day. Audio tapes can be made available for those who wish to reinforce the procedure at their leisure.

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