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Why not hire one of our “workplace witches” to read their magical Tarot cards for you, your staff or your colleagues? Wisdom and insight will flow forth whether you have the readings in an informal setting (such as your office party) or use the service to seriously ruminate over the pros and cons of major business decisions.

Despite the clichés and tabloid representation of Tarot, it is widely respected amongst many psychologists, academics, business leaders and even Prime Minister's wives as being an effective way of reading the subconscious and of gaining deeper insight into important life situations- whether business or otherwise.

This is because the Tarot cards describe archetypal patterns and states of mind that are common to every one of us. The cards simply provide a mirror or focal point to make us aware of our hidden thoughts and feelings. The skill of the Tarot reader is in helping you uncover and identify not only the issues which you need to clarify, but also your deeper thoughts and feelings on those matters.

Please call 020 8960 8214 or to find out more about any of the services on offer.

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